Friday, March 11, 2011

The Chocolatier

Good day to you, before we start, I want to say my name is Violet and will not tell you my last name! To continue on, I was not able to write because the plane started to run and of course a woman told me to turn the computer off and I had to.

Anyway, I landed in a very sunny afternoon in Metro Manila. Instead of just going straight home to unpack and rest, I explored around my old haunt that is Makati and I found a cafe called Maitre Chocolatier along Jupiter Street, past Paseo de Roxas. I went inside got a whiff of everything chocolate. The interior was intimately black and white, with shelves of chocolate products on one side, and the tables on the other. To complete the modern Paris feel, French pop music is overheard. Not so loud, but just enough to give you a pleasant sensation as I sunk into my seat.

My companion asked for the Dark Chocolate Drink, while I played it safe with the cold Classic
Chocolate Drink. We would have wanted to taste the scones, but these weren’t available. so, I sat down and ordered cold chocolate and my companion (my companion came with me to the plane too) ordered hot chocolate. While I was waiting for my drink, I browsed the place more closely. The cafe sells an assortment of familiar chocolate labels like Ferrer Rocher and Lindt in many different shapes and packages. It also offers gelato. Apparently, this boutique cafe becomes a bar at night as it offers mixes and cocktails that of course, has chocolate as the star ingredient.

After a few minutes, we were served our drinks. When I tasted my cold chocolate, I got hold of chunky bits that got stuck in my throat. Nevertheless, it had a delectable taste and had a zing that I could not explain. At first, I wasn’t sure that I liked it, but one thing’s for sure, I certainly got real cocoa beans there, and not the commercial powdered chocolate ones.

My companion, on the other hand, liked her Dark Chocolate, served generously in a cup big enough to be a soup bowl, and came with a ginger flavored biscotti to balance the depth and bitterness of the dark chocolate. It was thick enough that she was given a Chinese soup spoon to drink with. Chocolatey Heaven...

Maitre Chocolatier also serves lunch entrees, which must be explored at another time. For now, a serving of chocolate as an afternoon snack was enough to boost our energies, and continue on our way. Ciao, bella!

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  1. Hi violet! The teddy picture is such a cute one. Bring on more of those ideas of yours...